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Client Testimonials

"Very hardworking, honest, and dedicated Attorney. 10 out of 10, recommended."
- Paola M.
"If you are looking for an experienced attorney who will fight for your case, this is your guy. Attorney Ogbeide is professional but empathetic and very easy to reach and communicate with. I highly recommend this firm for any family law needs you may have."
- Michael P.
"Thank you Mr. Ogbeide for your help and sound advice. I highly recommend this attorney. 10/10 service."
- Kiara M.
"I could not have asked for a better attorney, he went the extra mile and then some!!! He's attentive to his clients and very kind. Plus he has a really team that works with him as well!!!"
- Meagan L.
"Daniel is a great attorney. He truly cares about his clients and will give you excellent services every time. You will not regret hiring him as your attorney."
- X-Ninjaxx3 Tv
"I hired Daniel for some minor but important negotiations with my ex. Although my ex tanked the entire attempt, Mr. Ogbeide was professional and did an excellent job representing me. I will definitely hire his firm again in the future should I have another Family Law matter."
- Troydiette J
"I am very grateful to have had attorney Daniel Ogbeide handle my case. Not only was he honest and fair but I felt heard. He has left me better off than any attorney I have had prior. He was a blessing to our family and it was great working with him."
- Beatrice S.
"Daniel took over my case after another lawyer failed to provide legal help. Daniel listened and did exactly everything I wanted and more for my case I would highly recommend him he is punctual and get right back to you when you reach out."
- Brandon W.
"Daniel Ogbeide represented me in family courts and I feel the entire time we prepared for everything that came with that he communicated with me as often as I needed, which sometimes was too much, and he really cared about me and my kids. He is very compassionate and he fought well for me the entire time. I am very happy with the outcome and I look forward to working with him again in the future."
- Elisha R.

"Excellent work very satisfied with the outcome."

- Adrian V.
"Great attorneys!"
- DG
"Wonderful attorney, tons of experience and knowledge."
- Meshach U.
"Daniel is an awesome lawyer. He is very understanding right from the beginning. If you are needing an attorney to represent you to achieve what you are requesting he definitely will try his best and be honest with you."
- Anthony P.
"Daniel is a excellent attorney. He listens, provides feedback and will advocate for you. Not only is he good at his job but he is also caring. Drove from Houston to Killeen to represent me. He is highly recommended."
- Thierno K.
"Mr Ogbeide is an awesome Attorney. He is knowledgeable, patient, understanding and an expert at his job."
- Darvina
"I used Daniel Ogbeide Law, PLLC recently, and from the moment I made that first call till my case was finalized, he was extremely professional, responsive and provided very superb advice on the various options and steps to take. Indeed his guidance made the process very smooth and fast, for which I cannot express enough how grateful I am for his services throughout the process.He is highly recommended by me."
- Lawrence M.
"I just want to thank Daniel so much for helping me with my case. He was very patient and acted with urgency on my case to help get it resolved. I will forever be grateful for your assistance. Anybody looking for a Family Lawyer, trust me Daniel is the Lawyer for you!!!"
- Ariauna T.
"Daniel is an excellent attorney! He fights for his clients and makes sure they’re well informed throughout the entire process! I highly recommend him!"
- Omar C.
"Top of the line attorney at affidavit rate."
- Daniel O.
"Mr. Daniel was the best on my divorce. It was fast and simple. He took care of the everything. I will recommend him 100%."
- julieta C.

“I had been dealing with CPS with my court-appointed attorney for over a year. I hired Daniel the evening before my termination hearing. He took my case, and he got me my children back.”

- Jane A.

"Daniel is the attorney to have on your side. He knows the law well. From the beginning to the end you know that this attorney knows what he is doing. Do not try others before you try him."

- Avian

"My ex-husband had won primary custody in a jury trial. Then he started using CPS against me. He even filed a bogus TRO against me. I was lead to Daniel two weeks before the hearing. He managed to subpoena CPS and other documents. After a contested two-day hearing, my ex-husband was put on supervised visitation."

- Stacy C.

"I moved from NY to TX with my husband. He abandoned me and my little girl in Houston. He moved to Dallas and filed for divorce, and refused to support me or let me move back to New York. Daniel traveled to Dallas and negotiated the case. I was able to move back to New York. I also received child support. Daniel Is a Rockstar attorney."

- Anna T.

"Was paying child support as ordered. The OAG messed something up when I changed my job. I had to over six direct payments to my ex-wife, but she still filed an enforcement against me. Daniel represented me so well. The judge denied the enforcement and order her to pay my attorney's fees."

- Alex H.

"Thank you so much, Law Firm, for helping me sort through all my options and find the one that felt truly right for me."

- James B.

"When I really needed a good team in my corner, Law Firm was there. Their ability to work together to get the results I needed was nothing short of exemplary."

- J. A. Hunt

"I hired Daniel for an interstate custody jurisdictional issue. Opposing counsel had been calling to harass me prior to me getting Daniel involved. Once Daniel got involved, everything went the way it should. I liked it when he told the Judge that Texas could not take jurisdiction away from another state when that state has an ongoing case. The Judge agreed."

- Richard G.

"Daniel is great, was very attentive on all issued that needed to be handled. Highly recommend him if you have any issues you need taken care of."

- Chad M.

"Very pleased with his patience and attentiveness to the whole process and worked quickly."

- Michael A.

"I have worked with Daniel on a complex family law issue over the past 3 months and I cannot recommend him highly enough. His professionalism and attention to detail in a very difficult situation have been very impressive. Many thanks, Daniel."

- Peter O.

"Daniel Ogbeide Law Firm is full of integrity in whatever family cases is before the Lawyers at this specific Law Firm and with great professional skills in handling difficult cases. The lawyers are compassionate and have a lot of patience and experience. I would recommend this Law Firm to anyone who needs a good and professional Family Lawyer."

- Wendy M.

"Very helpful and honest. Thanks!"

- Eric G.
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