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Inadmissibility Cases

How Can Daniel Ogbeide Law Help With Inadmissibility Cases?

Inadmissibility is termed as any legal or medical constraint that prevents a person from entering or staying in a country after a specific time. Here are some factors that can lead to the person being prevented from entering the United States.

Person getting their visa approved after an inadmissibility case

If you’re denied entrance into the United States due to any of the aforementioned issues or any other reason, Daniel Ogbeide Law can help you! Our experienced lawyers in Houston are well-versed in handling inadmissibility cases, making sure you get a chance to start a new life in the United States. We understand various inadmissibility challenges and work with you to overcome them, coming up with effective solutions that can make the process easier and increase your chances of entering and residing in the United States.

A person with a healthcare inadmissibility case

What Are Some of the Services We Offer?

At Daniel Ogbeide Law, we ensure that your inadmissibility case is handled with utmost diligence. Here are some of the services we provide in Houston.

Health-Related Inadmissibility

Health issues are one of the most common reasons for inadmissibility. Our team can appeal for reviews on your behalf, increasing your chances of changing your inadmissible status. We can also help you apply for immigration on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds, improving your chances of immigrating to the United States despite having a health issue.

Criminal History

If you have been granted inadmissibility due to any past accusations or criminal record, entering the United States might seem like a long shot. However, our team can work diligently to change things for you, coming up with a legal solution that works.

Not Following Visa Laws

Have you previously been deported due to not following visa laws or granted inadmissibility due to lying on your application? If yes, the Daniel Ogbeide Law team can guide you through the process of changing your status.

Besides these services, our team can handle inadmissibility cases for other reasons. Come up to us with your situation, and let us work out a solution.

Why Should You Choose Daniel Ogbeide Law for Your Inadmissibility Case?

Whether you’re dealing with criminal admissibility or can’t enter the United States due to a health issue, our team knows how to work around it. Here’s why hiring our lawyers to handle your inadmissibility case can make a difference.

Experienced Team

At Daniel Ogbeide Law, we have a team of highly qualified and skilled lawyers who have dealt with all kinds of immigration cases, including inadmissibility situations. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of immigration law and constantly keep themselves updated on the latest developments in US immigration law. This allows us to ensure that your inadmissibility case is handled with the utmost professionalism.

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Customized Approach

Whether you have been granted inadmissible status due to a previous issue with your visa or you have been found inadmissible due to any past criminal record, our team can help. We listen to your situation and come up with an ideal approach. Our lawyers understand that everyone has a different inadmissibility reason and immigration background, so they ensure that our solutions are client-centric.

Proven Record

At Daniel Ogbeide Law, we have a proven track record of dealing with immigration situations, especially immigration cases. Our lawyers have helped several people navigate their inadmissibility situations carefully, getting positive results in the end. We understand the importance of not giving up and making sure you get the life you want in the United States

Reach Out to Daniel Ogbeide Law

Are you looking for a way to change your inadmissible status prompt? Or are you hoping to apply for a US visa despite having a criminal record in your home country? Daniel Ogbeide Law can help you turn your life around by handling your inadmissibility case and making it a priority.

Reach out to us for a quick discussion and let our immigration lawyers in Houston help you work, study, and live in the United States.

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