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Maintain Your Green Card Status

Maintain Your Green Card Status in the United States With Daniel Ogbeide Law

It’s no secret that maintaining your green card status is a crucial step in your journey toward a stable life in the United States. If you manage to maintain your green card status, also known as the Permanent resident status, you can stay and work in the United States, and even apply for citizenship after a required period. This is why all green card holders in Houston need legal guidance from attorneys at Daniel Ogbeide Law.

These lawyers understand that maintaining a green card status can be challenging as you need to follow the strict and evolving regulations set by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. They ensure you stick to the regulations, preventing your green card status from being revoked and negatively impacting your future in the United States.

How Can Daniel Ogbeide Law Help in Maintaining Your Green Card Status?

Even though maintaining your green card status might seem like a simple task, several legal issues can arise, making it difficult for you to maintain your green card status long enough to apply for citizenship. Here’s how Daniel Ogbeide Law can help green card holders significantly.  

Understanding Residency Requirements

Preventing Criminal Offenses

Filing Taxes

Permanent residents in the United States are expected to file taxes. However, understanding your tax obligations, deadlines, and the right amount can be challenging. At Daniel Ogbeide Law, our lawyers can explain the process to you and answer any questions, ensuring you don’t lose your green card status over missed deadlines.

Navigating Marital Status Changes

If you are a green card holder due to your marital status, as in you became a permanent resident after marrying a US citizen, getting divorced or legally separated from your spouse can have implications on your green card status. At Daniel Ogbeide Law, our team can help you navigate changes in your marital status, ensuring they don’t interfere with your citizenship timeline.

Renewing Green Card

Handling Investigations

Changes in Employment or Financial Status

If you have recently lost your job or switched careers, which impacted your financial situation, you need to be ready for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to intervene. Prolonged periods of unemployment or declining financial stability can impact your green card status. At Daniel Ogbeide Law, we can help you navigate through this tough time, coming up with an effective solution.

Get Started With Daniel Ogbeide Law

Whether you need help maintaining your green card status after employment changes or you want guidance on how to renew your green card in Houston, Daniel Ogbeide Law can help!

Get in touch with us to book a consultation session and maintain your green card easily in Houston.

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