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Family-Based Immigration

Let Us Help You Navigate the Complexities of Family-Based Immigration to the United States

It’s no secret that immigrating to a new country with your entire family can be stressful and highly complicated. Therefore, at Daniel Ogbeige Law, we have a team of legal professionals who analyze your immigration case, offering effective advice and representation. Our family-based immigration lawyers in Houston understand the importance of wanting to live together with your loved ones in a new country, making sure you get the emotional support you need!


A family requiring family-based immigration

Why Choose Us?

At Daniel Ogbeige Law, we ensure that your immigration case is in capable hands and you get reunited with your loved ones as soon as possible. Here’s why you should opt for our family-based immigration services.

Personalized Strategy

Our family-based immigration lawyers understand that no two family immigration situations are the same. Therefore, we analyze your requirements to come up with a personalized strategy. We are focused on finding the ideal solution for your case, keeping your and your family’s best interests in mind.

Highly-Experienced Lawyers

At Daniel Ogbeige Law, we have a team of highly experienced family-based immigration lawyers. Our team has been handling immigration cases for a long time, and we have several happy clients who have now reunited with their loved ones. Our lawyers also have the required licenses and training, so your immigration case will get the solution it needs.

Family-based immigration

Clear Communication

At Daniel Ogbeige Law, we understand that it’s common for people to be nervous or confused about the immigration process, especially with the constantly changing requirements and complicated process. Therefore, our lawyers offer clear and honest communication. We keep you in the loop throughout the process and are willing to answer any questions to help you understand the process.

Efficient Process

Daniel Ogbeige Law is known for having a straightforward and efficient process. After an initial consultation, we come up with a personalized solution and discuss it with the applicant. Once the applicant approves of the strategy, our lawyers review the requirements, application, and timeline, communicating it with the applicant.

Afterward, we submit the application and documents and help the applicant prepare for any petition or interview. Our lawyers also work to ensure that the application is processed promptly, without you having to wait years to see your loved one.

The Complete Family-Based Immigration Services

Whether you want to help an immediate family member immigrate to the United States or are considering sponsoring a relative for a Green Card, we can help! Here are some common family-based immigration services we offer.

Spousal Sponsorship

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, and it can take a toll on your relationship. At Daniel Ogbeige Law, we help you sponsor your spouse so you can enjoy your dream life in the United States with your partner.

Child Sponsorship

Do you want your children to enjoy a better life with you in the United States? If yes, then opt for Daniel Ogbeige Law’s family-based immigration services. We help families come together by helping parents sponsor their children.

Parental Sponsorship

If your parents are considering starting a new life in the United States, you can sponsor them. Let Daniel Ogbeige Law help you navigate the complex process.

Sibling Sponsorship

US Citizens can also sponsor their siblings, letting them get a Green Card in the United States. However, the number of accepted applications for this stream is limited for each fiscal year, emphasizing the need to get legal help from Daniel Ogbeige Law.

Changing Status

Besides helping US citizens and green card holders sponsor immediate family members, our lawyers can also help you adjust the immigration status of any of your family members already residing in the United States. Trust us to make the procedure easier for you!

Get in Touch With Us

Are you considering sponsoring a family member or loved one to the United States? Get started with Daniel Ogbeige Law in Houston, Texas, and let us offer you the required guidance and representation. We can help you bring your loved ones to the United States, ensuring that you get the future you need.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us and start the process after an initial consultation with our family-based immigration lawyer.

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