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Protective Orders

Domestic Violence Lawyer Consultation In Houston Texas

In many cases involving domestic violence, one or both parties may request that the court issue a protective order (also referred to as a restraining order) that would prevent the other party from engaging in any future contact. Police officers often encourage victims of domestic violence to obtain these protective orders, and they are typically required in any criminal case involving domestic violence.

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A protective order is a formal order authorized by a judge or other bench officer that prohibits one party from having any contact with the protected person. To be valid, the protective order must be authorized by a bench officer and served on the party from whom protection is sought. This means that if a person is not aware that he or she is the subject of a protective order, he or she cannot violate it.

A protective order typically prevents a person from having any contact with the protected party. This would include direct contact as well as indirect contact through third parties (other than an attorney). The target of the protective order would not be allowed to call, email, text message, or contact the protective party through social media.

Several different types of protective orders can be issued. At the time of a domestic violence arrest, the police will ask the victim if he or she wants an emergency protective order that would be issued immediately. If you or a loved one is the subject of a domestic violence protective order, you must discuss your situation with Daniel Ogbeide Law as soon as possible.

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