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Demystifying the Divorce Process: Steps, Expectations, and Possible Outcomes

Finding a comprehensive guide to the divorce process in Texas can be challenging. With so many law firms claiming to offer the best legal advice, couples may find it difficult to choose a reliable expert. That’s why we’ve created this blog to put a full stop to your search.

Our divorce attorneys have explained all the steps involved in filing a divorce in Texas. They’ve also highlighted the potential expectations and outcomes involved in a divorce and how to effectively address them.

Hire a Professional Divorce Attorney

Navigating a divorce can be extremely difficult, and it can bring out several emotional challenges and uncertainties in your life. That’s when a skilled divorce attorney in Texas can help you.

They will provide you with a comprehensive initial consultation according to your unique case, offer the available options, and inform you about the right course of action. Next, they will be your go-to resource for filing a divorce petition by establishing a strong ground for divorce, spousal support, child support, and asset division.

Service of Process

Once the petition is filed, your partner will be served with the divorce papers with a specified response period. In case the served party does not respond within the given time frame, the court may proceed with the divorce matter on pre-determined grounds.

Couples may also expect temporary orders during a divorce filing process. This condition may arise due to a special urgency, such as child custody, support, or shared property issues. Temporary divorce court orders are designed to ensure that all critical matters are fully resolved prior to the final divorce settlement.

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Next, you will go through the discovery phase, which involves gathering relevant information from both partners and including professional legal counsel. The documents may involve financial statements, property valuations, and proofs that solidify the grounds for divorce. Lastly, closure can be achieved with mediation used as a supplemental tool for reaching mutually beneficial outcomes.

We offer the most advanced and adept divorce legal counsel to couples going through a rough patch in Texas. Our competent divorce attorney houston and Family law attorney Houston can help you navigate your divorce process and reach a suitable settlement with your partner. Learn about our team here or contact us to schedule a discussion now.

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