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Divorce Attorney In Texas

Divorce Lawyer In Texas

Divorce Attorney In Texas

Daniel Ogbeide Law, divorce attorneys have the professional proficiency, the right level of emotional intelligence, and a neutral outlook to take your case from start to end successfully. We’re dedicated to achieving the best outcome for you and your family.

In life, relationships, marriages, love, and family are at the core of it all. These elements nurture every family member throughout the different stages of life. And so, marriages are a long-term commitment. But things happen, marriages fall apart, and no amount of repairs seems workable.

At our law office, we see many couples who come to us to settle their divorce matters going through the toughest of times, both emotionally and financially. These cases are often more challenging to present as both partners mostly have separate and colliding views, making it tougher to reach a satisfactory resolution.

A divorce case might involve a combination of complicated issues such as protecting children’s rights, determining spousal support, father’s rights, enforcement actions, modifications, sorting the marital property agreements, and other issues. Some couples also wonder whether or not divorce mediation may be a more suitable alternative to litigation.

In a divorce, no matter what happens, one thing is for sure – the family dynamics are set to change forever.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation and seek professional help, we’re right here. Our family law attorney Daniel Ogbeide and his expert team have years of experience under their belt. They will listen to you carefully and compassionately and help you decide the best for you and your family, handling every detail in a manner that ultimately allows you to move forward in your life as smoothly as possible.

Call [number] for the Daniel Ogbeide Law team to listen to you, learn about your situation, and help devise an ideal course of action.

The Divorce Process In Texas

Getting a divorce can seem complicated. The amount of paperwork involved, the regulations that apply, gathering evidence, and the kind of negotiations required make things too complex. But to help you understand, here’s we quickly explain how you can go about the process with the help of an attorney:

  1. Deciding to get a divorce. It is never easy, but you must prepare yourself for it.
  2. Finding a competent, and knowledgeable Texas divorce attorney
  3. Filing a petition and beginning the divorce process in Texas.
  4. Formulating agreements for custody allocations
  5. Discovery or information gathering of each member of both parties for understanding the financial elements of the marriage
  6. Deciding between settlement or trial
  7. Preparing for trial to finalize the divorce
  8. Signing the final divorce decree
  9. Filing post-decree litigation if issues arise after the final divorce decree

This is only a general overview of the divorce process in Texas. There are numerous other intricate areas and procedural requirements to the process.

So, if you may be contemplating a divorce, seek the assistance of a professional family law attorney who understands the law and can provide personalized guidance.

At Daniel Ogbeide Law, our attorneys can help you navigate this stressful transition affordably and in the best manner possible. We can assist you through an honest, fair, and legally binding divorce procedure.

We’ve helped several Texas couples through these challenging times. With our expert attorneys by your side, you can initiate those difficult conversations, get on the same page, and fight for your rights. So make the best decision for yourself and your family and embark on a new journey with the confidence and ease you deserve.

Mediation, Settlement, Or Trial – What’s Best?

Navigating a divorce can be tricky and overwhelming. It includes not one but multiple moving parts requiring adequate addressing. The process isn’t easy, especially when there are kids involved. If you still wish to proceed, you got options to determine the best action plan.

To help you decide, here’s a quick explanation of the three options available to clients to resolve their divorce case:

Mediation: A highly-qualified, impartial, third-party divorce mediator helps obtain a peaceful divorce without exhaustive and expensive court proceedings maintaining both parties’ best interests. It’s a non-adversarial dispute resolution process that happens in a private setting. But it is only possible when both partners wish to remain fair with the situation.

Settlement: Most mediations end in settlements, a voluntary agreement between separating partners to settle the case quickly and move on with life. While mediation allows for a settlement to happen, a settlement finally resolves the case. Also, it can happen right before the trial, on the day of the trial, or during the trial. In short, separating partners reach an agreement that sets out the final terms of the divorce.

Trial: If mediation doesn’t work and there’s no reasonable settlement reached, the divorce case would go to the court in front of the judge or a jury, where circumstances can get outrageous, the case timeline can stretch unnecessarily, and the financial and emotional burden, too, adds up. But it is necessary, particularly where domestic abuse, concealment of assets, and substance abuse are involved.

Indeed, mediation and settlement are practical options to complete your divorce. These are affordable, foster cooperation, and provide greater control over the outcome, which is important for formulating proper parental rights and avoiding emotional tension.

But if there’s a power imbalance among couples and reaching a mutual resolution seems impossible, going to court may be the only option. The skilled Texas divorce attorneys at Daniel Ogbeide Law can competently fight for your rights and represent you in court to obtain the resolution you deserve.

Please speak to our specialists to discuss your options and choose a suitable path for your needs.

Divorce Costs In Texas

Going through a divorce is not only time-consuming but also an expensive endeavor. The costs rise significantly with contested divorce cases where either or both parties disagree on multiple issues and rely on the court for a conclusion. Contested divorces are complicated compared to uncontested divorces, where the separating partners are willing to end the marriage on good terms and somewhat agree on most issues.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the price tag, and your expenses can significantly vary from someone else’s case. From traveling and missing work days to attorney fees, mediation fees, court costs, postage fees, and the payment for expert witnesses, numerous costs come attached to your case. You should also include any relocation expenses, therapy costs for yourself or your child, refinancing loan terms, etc.

As far as attorney fees are concerned, Texas divorce lawyers charge per hour for their legal services and consultations. The hourly rate is around $300, which is negotiable and can be lower or higher depending on different law firms. Experienced attorneys can also charge about $500 per hour or more as you pay for their expertise to win your case.

You could also be charged a flat fee, or they can also work on a retainer model, i.e., charge you a fixed amount for their fees and other expenses, which can be anywhere around $2,000 to $15,000 (plus or minus).

If it’s an uncontested dissolution, you’d require a consulting attorney who’d charge differently than hiring full-fledged support in case of a contested case.

If you have children and conflict of interests, be ready to fight long and strenuous legal battles on child support and custody matters. The fees can increase exponentially as the lawyer and court must also involve experts during such proceedings.

If you choose to file a case on fault grounds, stating that the separating partner is responsible for marital misconduct, the costs will again differ, as the fault will have to be proven to show your ground is solid.

Also, the more assets and debts you have, the higher the divorce attorney’s fee. Any requests you make for alimony, temporary orders, discovery, etc., again add to the expenses. Not just that, your chosen lawyer’s reputation and experience in the family law field will also impact the final estimates.

So, it is always best to speak thoroughly to the attorney to know their precise fee structure.

Finding A Texas Divorce Attorney

Hiring an attorney who prioritizes your well-being and interests is essential during a divorce. The process can get highly emotional and contentious, particularly when property and kids are involved.

You’ll have to make many tough calls, go through endless bouts of stress, and think through how debts will be split, whether or not alimony is to be awarded, how the assets will be divided, and so on.

Therefore, choosing just any attorney blindly or based on online reviews is risky. Consider the following three factors to get you winning support:

Expertise In Their Niche

Divorce cases require a high level of expertise to get through the case with as less stress as possible. The law is complicated, and not having experienced counsel by your side can cost you your case. So, make sure you know about your chosen attorney’s experience and know-how in and outside a trial.

At Daniel Ogbeide Law, our divorce attorneys take pride in helping clients navigate the ever-evolving field of law. We make sure our clients don’t have to face the process alone, and they receive sound legal advice every step of the way.

Our attorneys can help you with every issue that may arise during the case, including real estate, financial negotiations, child support, spousal support, and more. It ensures you can expect the best possible outcome for your divorce case.

Comfortable Talking To

Divorce cases can be pretty uncomfortable. You’d need someone to discuss your personal issues with without any stress. So not only should the attorney be experienced with cases like yours, they must be a good listener, compassionate, understanding, yet skilled to settle the numerous aspects of the case without any trouble. How they react to your concerns explains how your future meetings would look. Their empathy helps you discuss the specifics upfront, which only positively impacts the case.

Navigating The Complexities Of The Case

Family law is a complex practice area. In addition, divorce matters require comprehensive knowledge and experience to reach the desired resolution. So, the attorney must be proactive and aggressive in their approaches to avoid jeopardizing your case due to late or erroneous actions. It also ensures your issue is resolved in the best manner possible. They must have the skills to make motions regarding property, child custody, child support, debt, or alimony that are fair to your case. They must possess exceptional time management, listening, communication, writing, and negotiation skills. Attention to detail, analytical and research skills, and logical thinking, are also critical skills that can help you with your divorce proceedings.

Keeping Your Life On Track During A Divorce

Your divorce case can include child custody and visitation, property and asset division, parentage, premarital and post-marital agreements, enforcement of orders, modifications, appeals, and many other issues. But the idea is to keep yourself on track to not lose yourself while on the way. How can you do that?

Keep Emotions Aside

Before you go at your case, ensure you’re keeping your emotions aside. The decisions you make in your divorce case must be practical and not driven by your sentiments. We understand it can be difficult since a divorce may be a personal decision. Your child may be involved, and finances might make the case unpleasant. But prioritize what’s more important, for example, the correct allocation of marital assets, formulating the guidelines of child support, or establishing spousal support, and work through that to secure your and your family’s future.

Knowledge Is Power

You cannot hide your head in the sand and assume it will all be over one day. Divorce proceedings are extensive, circumstances can get pretty ugly, and you must be prepared to handle it head-on. But how can you do that? No matter how skilled your attorney is, you must understand, probably not in-depth, but at least the basics of your case. Knowledge is your superpower, and it ensures you can voice your needs, wants, and concerns, so study your options well and make informed decisions in the process.

Take Control

Divorce cases are often lengthy, financially burdening, and emotionally draining. No one understands what you’re going through during this phase and your thoughts about your relationship and future. So, take control of your situation and voice your needs. Make sure you know what you want from the process to achieve the desired outcome with expert assistance. Remain in charge of your life’s decisions and be open to suggestions. Your chosen divorce attorney can take you from start to end, step by step, and in the best manner possible. But if you aren’t clear about your aspirations, the results might not be optimal.

Daniel Ogbeide Law Can Be Your Trusted Legal Partner

Not all divorce attorneys are created equal neither are separating couples. There can be numerous tussles unique to every case. Therefore, a proven and expert lawyer will ensure their skills get the divorce through the complex legal framework relatively easily and quickly. They also work to manage complex estate matters, child custody issues, and other financial dynamics impacting your case.

If you are looking for a competent, compassionate, and credible divorce attorney in Texas, we can be your go-to legal counsel. At Daniel Ogbeide Law, we are a team of potent and impartial attorneys looking out only for the best interests of our clients. When you choose us to represent your rights, we ensure reaching a favorable outcome in your case. Call us at [number] to book a free, initial, and confidential consultation today.

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