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Job Changes and Child Support: Can You Reevaluate Before the 3-Year Mark in Texas?

Child support is a primary source of protection, financial well-being, and rights provision for children following their parents’ marriage dissolution or separation. It ensures their access to quality healthcare, education, and basic necessities required for a healthy, fulfilling life. However, parents must understand that certain life changes, such as employment shifts and income fluctuation, can affect child support.

These alterations can give rise to questions regarding child support amount reevaluation before the three-year mark in Texas. In this blog, you will learn what the Texas family and child support law says about changing child support amounts and its necessary guidelines.

When to Reevaluate Child Support Amount in Texas

The first step to successfully assessing and amending your child support amount is knowing when to do it. Child support orders are typically in effect until a child turns 18 or when they graduate high school. But in the meantime, you may be required to change the child support amount if:

  • You’re facing a significant change in your income
  • Dealing with a financial hardship
  • Considering a job change

However, Texas law only allows such modification once every three years under substantial income/job changes.

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The Standard for Modifying Child Support Amount

You can request a child support modification before the 3-year mark in Texas if your job change completely alters your ability to meet the financial obligations. This is especially important if you lose your job or gain a significant increment, which qualifies your child for material changes in child support.

You must initiate the modification by filing a court petition with the original child support order, providing necessary proof and documents, and justifying the impact on income.

Factors Affecting Child Support Modification

While job change serves as a solid ground for child support modification, the court will also assess your family situation and your overall ability to fulfill the obligation in the long run. That’s why we recommend you seek legal counsel as child support changes before the 3-year mark in Texas are limited and mandate expert advocacy.

Seek Professional Legal Assistance in Texas Now!

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