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Family Law Attorney In Houston, Texas

Family Law Attorney In Houston, Texas

Family law is a vast topic. It covers numerous areas of the law. If you seek the best resolution in your particular case, get in touch with us for comprehensive guidance. Daniel Ogbeide Law is positioned to provide you with complete services in the family law practice with a high sense of professionalism and commitment.

At Daniel Ogbeide Law our primary focus is family law. It is a vast and complex field of the legal system. If you ever require the services of a family law attorney in Houston, Texas, it might help to know the basics. This introductory guide put together by our specialists will help you build a good foundation and get started with your case.

What Is Family Law?

Family law is the legal practice wherein a certified, experienced, and qualified lawyer helps clients address issues concerning family relationships. The field includes assisting families in creating new and better ties via adoptions, child custody, and child support, as well as helping separate those ties through divorce and termination of parental rights.

Finding The Best Family Law Attorney For Your Divorce Case - Houston, TX

It is one of the most emotional fields of the legal system for attorneys and clients since it involves the personal aspects of children and marital relationships. It’s a practice compatible with several independently working attorneys and those associated with big and small firms. The practice can also combine with other areas of the law, such as criminal law and estate planning, for an all-around case outcome.

Family includes: premarital agreements, post marital agreements, divorce, property classification and division, division of liabilities, spousal maintenance, custody of children, decision-making for the children, possession and access to the children, child support and medical support, CPS investigations, termination of parental rights, adoptions, enforcements of rights and duties, protective orders or family violence, injunctions and temporary orders, protection and management of children’s property, and many.

Other specialized fields are included in family law as well. Fields such as: settlement negotiations, collaborative law, mediations, embryos, and surrogacy agreements.

Who Is A Family Law Attorney?

Family law attorneys such as those at our practice represent clients in court or help with mediation and settlements. An attorney can also draft the necessary legal documents that expedite the case. An experienced attorney can help families in legal battles navigate the intricate legal system and obtain the best possible outcome via mediation, settlement, and or litigation.

Mediation is another popular dispute-resolution process for clients wherein a mediation attorney helps facilitate discussions and reach the desired outcomes. It creates a calm, confidential, and respectable environment for all parties and drives toward a mutually beneficial agreement.

However, sometimes, an amicable settlement isn’t possible, and litigation becomes necessary. Family law provides all family members with an atmosphere where everyone can solve their disputes efficiently, safely, and effectively.

How Can A Family Law Attorney Help You With Your Case?

Can you and your spouse efficiently work the specifics together and reach a mutual resolution? Can you also put together the necessary paperwork and handle any complications that may arise during the process?

Matters, including divorce and child custody, can be especially sensitive and risky. These have your family and your assets at stake. You might need evidence and ample paperwork to validate your side of the case.

Without a thorough understanding of the applicable rules and laws, you’d risk losing your assets and/ or support.

To prevent these consequences, it is best to hire a family law attorney from Daniel Ogbeide Law and they can help you achieve the best outcome. Our professionals have years of experience under their belt and can explain your legal rights, offer reliable advice, keep guesswork away, and reach the desired resolution.

If you have any other law firm in mind, please go ahead and schedule a consultation to understand if they can help you.

A skilled and experienced family law attorney in Houston, Texas, can present proper proof and put forward a solid defense to strengthen your case. They bring a wealth of experience to the table and can also assist you in finding solutions outside of complex legal proceedings. You can ask your attorney about the alternatives available to make informed case-related decisions.

Different Aspects Of Family Law

A marriage can entail several legal responsibilities and ramifications. Issues within a marital relationship can sometimes lead to the need for proper legal counsel. Many couples plan ahead and make provisions to help them with any problems that may arise later, but most aren’t prepared. Often these disputes and consequences are unpredictable, and the assistance of a family lawyer can prove invaluable in handling these matters.


A divorce can be a devastating and stressful process for separating spouses. It is time taking and involves a lot of emotions. Your case can also include spousal support, child support, property division, and pre or post-nuptial agreements.

If you wish to no longer maintain and sustain your marital bond, you must file a divorce petition to separate legally and with all your rights intact. Our family lawyers are conversant with the practice area and can help you navigate the process without much hassle. They will talk to you, understand the case details, and develop a plan that best fits your situation.

Alimony And Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony helps the deserved partner navigate their future worry-free, securing their economic stability. If the separating couples cannot settle the negotiations among themselves, the matter goes to court, and the jury awards, modifies, or denies the arrangement.

Hiring a family law attorney can help you have control over your respective lives and protect your rights. The inputs and evidence provided by your attorney will impact the court’s decision. Generally, the more income disparity there is in the relationship, the greater the alimony will be.

Pre And Post-Nuptial Agreements

Ending a marriage can be an emotional decision regardless of your reasons. In many cases, it is often more than the emotional challenges. To avoid this, many couples get pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements prepared right in time. It secures their financial and emotional well-being, and if it’s something you, too, look forward to, an accomplished family law firm in Houston such as ours can help prepare such sensitive documents and mitigate any misinterpretations.

In case of separation, courts usually re-evaluate the pre and post-nuptial agreements. These can even be opposed if the jury finds the terms unfair. So you’d want to make such legal decisions true to your knowledge and complying with the legal system. Talk to a Daniel Ogbeide Law, family law attorney to navigate the procedure with absolute ease, care, and precision.

Child Custody

For separating partners, divorce can be a painful process. Even worse is pursuing child custody, visitation rights, or custody modification. You could also be seeking custody assistance after the divorce.

Regardless of your situation, it is a much-debated and contested area of the system. Besides, the law requires you to consider the best interests of your child and not your personal wishes. In addition, the court regards who shares the greatest bond with the child, if the parents have a stable homely environment, and their criminal records to make custody decisions.

As a reputable and experienced law firm in Houston, Texas, we have years of expertise in highly sensitive matters and can help you with your case.

Child Support

Child support is generally determined by a specific formula followed by each state. Usually, courts consider a parent’s income, expenses, tax deductions, parenting time, and many other factors to decide how child support would work.

Every child has the right to support from both parents. So, child support provides kids whose parents live separately with similar financial resources that they might enjoy if they were still together.

Child support matters can be complicated. To reach a desirable solution for your child support case, you must hire a seasoned family law lawyer to represent your best interests.

A child support attorney in Houston can help you understand the complex legal rules, identify any exceptions in the case, argue on incorrect calculations, and helps with discovery and documentation.


Adopting a child is incredibly rewarding. But it comes with its own emotional, financial, and legal challenges. The process usually begins with a thorough evaluation of the adoptive family. A social worker may be involved in this task and assess your family dynamics based on a list of factors.

The idea is to check whether or not you are ready to meet the child’s needs. Hiring the services of a family attorney during an adoption can save you from a lot of headaches. They can significantly move the process forward, help you understand your rights, and represent you in adoption hearings. They provide ongoing counsel, help with necessary legal paperwork, and assist in gaining the guardianship of a child that isn’t biologically yours.

Termination Of Parental Rights

Terminating parental rights is a serious manner. Reasons for termination include being convicted of a crime, abandoning the child, or being unable to look after the child. It can be voluntary or involuntary. Thus, it is best to hire an expert to lawfully and correctly end the legal relationship between the child and a parent. Not just any attorney can provide case-specific advice to decide in your child’s best interest. You need someone reliable and experienced. Even in cases of voluntary termination of parental rights, you’ll find the services of a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney helpful.

There’s so much more to family law practice than that mentioned above. Other aspects of the practice might include support for adult disabled children, standard possession orders, enforcement, protective orders, temporary orders, and support for disabled spouses.

At Daniel Ogbeide Law, we have a proven track record of success in mediation and litigation. We’re effectively organized in our legal skills and know-how. We can represent you irrespective of your gender, color, race, religion, age, and sexual expression or orientation. Our team consists of trustworthy attorneys for every practice area, ready to get on your case right away. If you believe we can be of help to you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Finding A Suitable Family Law Attorney In Houston, Texas

Hiring a family law attorney in Houston isn’t an easy feat. But if you find yourself looking for competent lawyers, you must partner with someone worth your time, money, and effort.

We understand that you are already in a stressful situation if you are looking for a family attorney. The whole process of looking for a lawyer to represent your rights can seem overwhelming and intimidating.

So, before you move ahead with just anyone and sign the contract blindly, it’s essential to consider several critical factors not to jeopardize your case.

Find a lawyer with local expertise to get the best legal advice for you and your family. You would also want to hire someone experienced in this field, and they must have handled cases similar to yours.

Check out their online reviews and rating to gauge how reputable they are in the community. You can also check any niche-specific website, the company’s certifications, attorney credentials, etc., to learn more about their expertise.

When you decide to speak to them, they must be compassionate enough to help ease your stress in an already demanding situation. They must seem comfortable talking to you so you can discuss the personal details of your marriage.

Furthermore, they must possess a professional attitude and have the ability to take prompt actions, accelerating your case.

Their services and attitude must align with your need. Just a little bit of legwork can help you significantly in protecting your and your family’s rights.

Fortunately, you can find all these qualities in the lawyers at our firm. With years of combined expertise, our attorneys have the relevant knowledge and are efficient and compassionate family law professionals who understand the legal framework and have been assisting Houston clients to achieve the best outcomes. Schedule your free initial consultation today to know how we can help you with your situation.

Make Good Use Of Your Free Consultation

First, free consultations offer worthwhile experiences. These help us, as lawyers, understand our clients better, and our clients get to know us to make informed decisions pertaining to their cases.

So, when you book your appointment, you can expect to meet your attorneys in person, video conference, and or phone to understand their processes, fee structures, attitude towards your case, any specific representation approach, way of communication, and their experience in cases like yours. They must seem genuinely interested in your case and willing to know more. You can discuss your concerns and ask questions to find out if they will be a good fit for your needs.

Similarly, you can expect them to ask you some questions to understand your goals and the desired outcome to be able to form an unbiased outlook on your case. A good attorney asks a lot of questions.

To make the most out of your first meeting, here is something you must know:

  • Don’t keep that “I want to win” attitude. Draft precise goals and know what you can settle for to streamline the process.
  • Keep realistic expectations and be willing to listen to your attorney’s opinion. Someone who PROMISES a head-on win can be a red flag unless it is a straightforward case.
  • Stay away from long-winded versions of your case. Prepare a summary briefing on your current situation and what you wish to obtain.
  • Please keep your emotions aside, and let facts decide the tide of your case. Do away with the urge to provide unnecessary, irrelevant, emotional information unless asked for.
  • Be ready to discuss your actions and contributions to your marriage, owning up to any mistakes you may have made. This will give clarity to the attorney to provide defenses that aren’t hindered by omitted truths.
  • Be reasonable with your list of questions to get a basic idea of how your case would turn out.
  • Remember to take notes during the consultation for future reference.
  • Family law cases can be time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. Discuss money matters as well.
  • Finally, be respectful, be prepared, and be on time. If you get the same in return, the potential law firm may be a suitable choice for your case.

But remember, you might receive partial case advice during the initial consultation. Take it as a case evaluation session where both of you can determine whether or not to go ahead with each other.

If you need help in your divorce, child custody, or other family law case in Houston, we can help. If you have any questions or concerns, schedule your consultation with one of our family law attorneys. Call us at [number].

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