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Child Support

A child custody lawyer in Houston is working on his laptop
  • Published: September 20, 2023

Are you in the midst of a divorce or separation and wondering how child support amounts are determined in Houston, Texas? The process can seem complex and overwhelming, but fear not, as Daniel Ogbeide Law is here to demystify child support calculations for you. As experts in family law, we've helped numerous clients navigate the intricate world of child support, and we're here to guide you through it as well. If you find yourself needing professional assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Now, let's dive into the complete guide to child support calculations. Understanding Child Support: A Legal Obligation Child support ensures that the child's upbringing is financially supported by both parents equally, even if they are no longer together. It's designed to provide for the child's basic needs, including food, clothing, housing, education, and healthcare. Child support laws vary from state to state, so it's crucial to understand how…Read More

a parent meeting with a child custody lawyer in Houston
  • Published: September 5, 2023

One of the biggest challenges faced by single parents is collecting child support payments from the non-custodial parent. The court can order child support which is calculated based on several factors, including the parent's income and the child's needs. Unfortunately, not all non-custodial parents comply with court-ordered child support payments. In these cases, enforcement methods, such as garnishments and liens, may be necessary. In this blog post, we'll explore the role of garnishments and liens in child support enforcement. Understanding the Role of Garnishments and Liens in Child Support Enforcement Child support is an important legal obligation for non-custodial parents to support their children and ensure their well-being. Unfortunately, not all parents comply with child support obligations, which can cause significant financial hardships for their children and custodial parents. Enforcements, such as garnishments and liens, can be crucial in ensuring that non-custodial parents fulfill their obligations. The Basics of Garnishments In Child…Read More

A woman with her child at the beach
  • Published: August 23, 2023

Have you ever wondered how international child support orders are enforced? The answer is the Hague Convention on International Child Support Obligations, a legally binding treaty signed by over 60 countries. This convention promotes cooperation between nations by providing an effective system for enforcing and registering orders from any participating country. This post will explore more about what this convention entails, its impact on international child support disputes, and how it has been adapted to ensure safety for children in need of parental financial care across borders. In this blog post, our child custody lawyers in Houston explore the impact of The Hague Convention on international child support orders. Understanding The Hague Convention International child custody and support issues are complex, with ambiguities arising from various jurisdictions. The Hague Convention, along with several other treaties, has been put in place to address such complexities on international child support orders. One of the…Read More

A couple meeting their family lawyer
  • Published: August 19, 2023

When a couple divorces and has children, one party might be responsible for paying child support to the other. Child support often welcomes disputes over the amount to be paid, the schedules, and the rights of the parties involved. Understanding the essential legal principles can help divorced parents make informed decisions on how they want to proceed with child support matters. In this blog post, our child support attorney in Houston will explain in detail what rights the prevailing party holds in a child support matter, including information on payment sources and enforcing provisions outlined in any court orders or contracts. Read on for detailed insight into everything you need about the prevailing party’s rights in child custody laws. Understanding Prevailing Party’s Rights in Child Support Matters Right to Enforce Payment The prevailing party has the right to enforce payment if the other parent fails to make payments as ordered by the court.…Read More

Family law attorney in Houston
  • Published: August 10, 2023

Being a parent is a massive responsibility, and it comes with a variety of legal obligations, specifically financial ones. If you are living apart from the other parent of your child, you may have a court-ordered child support arrangement in place. However, even with the best intentions, sometimes missed or delayed child support payments can happen. In this post, we will look at some things you can do in case of missed or delayed child support payments and how a qualified divorce lawyer in Houston can help. Things to Do In Case of Missed or Delayed Child Support Payments Communicate with the Other Parent The first step is to communicate with the other parent and find out why the payment was missed or delayed. There may be some legitimate reasons - a change in employment status, unexpected expenses, or other emergencies. Talking to the other parent and understanding their situation may help you find…Read More

people discussing paternity obligations for unmarried couples
  • Published: August 8, 2023

Child support is an essential financial obligation that unmarried parents must fulfill in cases where one parent has primary custody of the child. This support is necessary to ensure that the child has sufficient resources for living, education, and other expenses. However, determining paternity is also critical in these cases to ensure that the right parent is responsible for the payment and care of the child. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of paternity obligations for unmarried parents in child support cases. Paternity Obligations for Unmarried Parents in Child Support Cases 1. Determining Parentage Determining parentage for unmarried parents in child support cases is crucial to prevent payment disputes. Unmarried parents who agree on child support payments do not need to go to court to establish the father's paternity. Still, Houston state law may require a written agreement to ensure enforce ability. In cases where the father's paternity is…Read More

A person calculating his child support amount
  • Published: August 5, 2023

Child support is a primary source of protection, financial well-being, and rights provision for children following their parents’ marriage dissolution or separation. It ensures their access to quality healthcare, education, and basic necessities required for a healthy, fulfilling life. However, parents must understand that certain life changes, such as employment shifts and income fluctuation, can affect child support. These alterations can give rise to questions regarding child support amount reevaluation before the three-year mark in Texas. In this blog, you will learn what the Texas family and child support law says about changing child support amounts and its necessary guidelines. When to Reevaluate Child Support Amount in Texas The first step to successfully assessing and amending your child support amount is knowing when to do it. Child support orders are typically in effect until a child turns 18 or when they graduate high school. But in the meantime, you may be required…Read More

a father holding his son's hand at the beach
  • Published: July 24, 2023

In the complex world of family law, questions surrounding parental rights and child support often create turbulent waters. One question that often arises is, "Can a father terminate his parental rights to absolve child support responsibilities?" It's a loaded question, one that requires a nuanced understanding of family law and its implications. Let's delve deeper into this intricate topic, dissect its legalities, explore the process, and discuss the ethical considerations involved. Keep reading. Understanding Parental Rights and Responsibilities Parental rights and responsibilities encompass a parent's legal rights and obligations toward their child. This extends beyond just custody and visitation; it includes the responsibility to provide financial support, medical care, education, and other necessities for the child's welfare. In Texas, these rights aren't taken lightly. The courts strive to protect the child's best interests above all else. When a father decides to terminate his parental rights, he relinquishes all legal ties…Read More

a father holding his child on his back
  • Published: July 18, 2023

In some cases, previously settled child support agreements may need adjustments. This may be because of the unpredictability of life or changes in circumstances. As a parent, you must understand how to navigate these waters to ensure your child's best interests continue to be met. Let's explore the process of child support agreement modification in Texas. Understanding the Basics of Child Support Modification In Texas, a child support order isn't etched in stone; it can be modified if there's a substantial change in the child's circumstances or either parent. Examples of such changes may include an increase or decrease in income, loss of employment, a parent having another child, or changes in the child's needs. However, child support agreement modification doesn't happen automatically. To initiate the process, a parent must file a request with the court that initially established the order. If both parents agree on the proposed changes, they can jointly submit…Read More

Uniform Child Support Jurisdiction Act
  • Published: May 25, 2023

When it comes to matters of child support, ensuring the fair and consistent enforcement of child support orders across state lines is crucial. To address this issue, the Uniform Child Support Jurisdiction Act (UCSJA) was established. This act sets guidelines for determining which state has jurisdiction over child support cases, thus avoiding conflicting orders and promoting the best interests of the child. (more…)Read More

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